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43rd Monmouthshire Light Infantry re-enactment club


"A moth-eaten rag on a worm-eaten pole,

It does not look likely to stir a man's Soul,

'Tis the deeds that were done 'neath the moth-eaten rag,

When the pole was a staff, and the rag was a flag."

Sir Edward Hamley on seeing the old Colours of the 43rd Monmouth Light Infantry in Monmouth Church

 Welcome to the 43rd Monmouthshire Light Infantry re-enactment web site.

We hope it gives you an insight into the world of Napoleonic & the War of 1812.

Re-enactment and Georgian living history

The most exciting hobby in history!

Our members come from diverse backgrounds and a wide geographic area.

We welcome people who wish to portray soldiers of Wellington's army, Camp followers and civilians. Campaigning during the Napoleonic wars and War of 1812

no experience necessary, just enthusiasm.

The group takes part in events all over Europe and the UK at historic houses and actual battle sites. These may be battle re-enactments, living history displays or filming.

So if you like Georgian, Regency history we are the living history re-enactment group for you.

  Use the membership form on our "Enlistment" page or contact us for more information

If you wish to join us, hire us or would like any more information, please contact us by email for further information.

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

43rd Monmouthshire Light Infantry 1795 - 1815 Re-enactment group